China House will work with you to introduce potential investors and facilitate capital introductions, including:
  • working with the Company to identity target markets and introduce investors;
  • reviewing the Company’s marketing documentation for relevance to the target markets and investors;
  • working with the Company to maximise the chances of success for completing the Transaction;
  • hosting, hospitality and co-ordination of meetings with target investors;
  • facilitating communications with foreign target investors.
Our standard process is outlined below:
Phase 1 –  Introduction and Documentation of project
1) Initial meeting to understand the project and your requirements

2) Parties sign a mutual Non Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA)

3) Project vendors are asked to fill out a one page “Project summary”, highlighting the investment opportunity

Phase 2 – Internal review of project
4) We will internally review the project to assess potential suitability to our investor contacts as well as the time commitment required to market the project, so as to suggest an appropriate remuneration structure
Phase 3 – Remuneration agreement
5) We will work with you to agree an appropriate fee structure. Our standard scope of work and fee structure is presented below.
Phase 4 – Initial marketing campaign
6) We will review and tailor a one page investment opportunity summary (prepared by client)

7) We will contact potential investors

8) Milestone: feedback from initial marketing campaign

Phase 5  – Initial Interest received
9) If there is serious interest after EOI, we will work with you to aim to obtain a Non-Binding Indicative Offer.